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Venus Group was founded in 1952 by the late Mr. Uppot Kumaran (1924-1974). Sheen Bakery is the flagship brand of Venus Group of Concerns. Born to Paithal and Kalyani at Anjarakkandy, a village at Kannur, Mr. Kumaran had a humble start in life with no mentors or godfather to guide him. Having started his career at a very young age at one of the oldest bakeries (which is unfortunately nonexistent today), as an apprentice, Mr. Kumaran, by virtue of being a quick learner and an efficient worker, rose through the ranks and mastered the art of baking. From his humble beginnings through sheer hard work coupled with keen business acumen and a burning passion to be a success in life, he managed to setup his very own enterprise the very first Venus Bakery at Kannur. Sheen Bakery turned out to be a roaring success ever after it's establishment in 1970 and the rest as they say is history — leading to the phenomenal growth of the Venus Group of Companies. Kumaran married Saraswathi and was blessed with six children — Veena Sathyanath, Veenish Kumar, Sheena Rathnakaran, Sheejith Kumar, Shabin Kumar and Shajin Kumar.However, following his untimely demise at 50 years of age, his brothers-in-law, Mr. K. P. Mohan and Mr. K. P. Surendran chipped in to help the family run the business. Their commitment and support went a long way in helping the business diversify and grow manifold. The Venus Group's secret to success has been the Group's mantra handed down from Kumaran – blending traditional recipes with modern food technology thereby delivering superb quality products, efficiently, hygienically and quickly perfectly in tandem with the changing demands of customers. Today, the Venus Group of enterprises is led by its Managing Partner, P.K. Saraswathi with Veena Sathyanath, Veenish Kumar, Sheena Rathnakaran, Sheejith Kumar, Shabin Kumar and Shajin Kumar as Partners. The Group is an industry leader in North Malabar primarily as a result of the perfect teamwork put in by all the partners and the employees working in tandem to continually delivering quality products on time, every time!

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